AFR 3-10-2020 Hour 1 | Cole Henry moves to Saturday

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt talks the decision by Paul Mainieri to move Cole Henry a day back in the rotation due to “fatigue.” The thought is Landon Marceaux will move up to the Friday spot.

LSU Football looks set to hire former player Bennie Logan as an analyst. Matt reacts.

Former LSU guard Keith Hornsby is now playing in Poland. Hornsby joins Matt to talk basketball and life in Poland. What is the hardest part of living in a foriegn country?

“Obviously it could be any country, the hardest thing is the distance between you and your family,” Hornsby said. “Poland specifically there isn’t much I can complain about. Which was a really nice surprise. The hardest thing is going to the grocery store.”

What does Hornsby miss most about home?

“I miss watching LSU Basketball games. I miss watching LSU Football games,” Hornsby said. “Most of the games come around 2 am. That was rough. Not having the football, that’s a lifestyle.”

Hornsby played three seasons in the NBA G League, leading the league in three point percentage in his last season. Why did he leave?

“You know you don’t do the G League for money. You do the G League to try and get a spot in the NBA,” Hornsby said. “After my third year I thought I had done that. If I’m not going to get a call up now, it’s time to try something new.”

Matt goes around the SEC looking at the Men’s Basketball conference awards.

Matt discusses NBC’s rejection of the Al Michaels trade to ESPN. The Worldwide Leader was looking to pair Michaels with Peyton Manning for Monday Night Football.

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