AFR 3-16-2020 Hour 3 | Impact of CoVID-19 on Baseball

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Former LSU and MLB pitcher Louis Coleman joins Matt in his weekly spot. What are baseball players to do with all the free time on their hands? The MLB has announced that the season will not start in until at least the middle of May. What effect does this have on the players?

“It’s gotta play with your mind a little bit. Those guys have been getting ready since November, December,” Coleman said. “Those guys have to now dial it down before they have to be ready to go again.”

When they start the season again, do they attempt to play 162 games?

“In order to play 162 they play 180 days. To play 180 days it’s going to go into November, December,” Coleman said. “Then what do you do for next season? Just turn around and go as scheduled?”

The Athletic’s Larry Holder joins Matt to talk the news of the day in the NFL. The league year is set to begin on Wednesday, but trades and franchise tags got underway today. What move shocked Holder the most?

“It has to be Houston trading Hopkins,” Holder said.

How real is the interest from the Bears in Teddy Bridgewater?

“I’ve seen that reporting. My colleagues at The Athletic did some research and reporting on it,” Holder said, “There was some smoke there, but it doesn’t look likely that it will happen. There is a market for Teddy though.”

Matt resets Scott Woodward’s meeting with the media.

The show wraps with Best Person in Sports and What We Learned.

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