AFR 3-18-2020 Hour 3 | Latest with Saints Free Agency

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by The Athletic’s Kat Terrell to talk the latest with Saints free agency. Today the Saints announced they will bring back safety Malcolm Jenkins. This leaves Vonn Bell without a spot. What went wrong with Bell and the Saints?

“I just think the Saints were at a point where they could take him or leave him,” Terrell said. “They wanted him back at their price point. It could be one of those situations where a player overestimates his value, and the team says ‘no thanks,’ and is left without a chair so to speak.”

Today, the Saints also restructured linebacker Kiko Alonso’s deal. What did Terrell make of this move?

“I thought that was a situation where he was always going to take a pay cut if he wanted to stay,” Terrell said. “It’s probably the best case scenario for both of them with the way it worked out.”

Matt talks the release of the Will Wade wiretap conversations in an upcoming HBO documentary. Will it lead to anything new for the LSU Basketball program?

Will Coach O singal handedly save everybody from the coronavirus?

The guys wrap the show with What We Learned and Best Person in Sports.

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