AFR 3-20-2020 Hour 3 | The Riot Radio Hour w/Ryan Theriot

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by Ryan Theriot for the Riot Radio Hour. Former LSU catcher and hero of the 2000 National Championship Game Brad Cresse joins Matt and Ryan to share some memories from the game and the season.

“Other than winning the national championship, we beat some of the top competition,” Cresse said.

What was the connection like between the guys on the team?

“I think just the way Skip organized practice on a daily basis,” Cresse said. “We looked forward to going to practice, not just for the hard work, but to play cards in the locker room and shoot pool. We were all truly there for eachother.”

Cresse takes us through the last at-bat of the 2000 College World Series, in which he delivered the walk-off single to score Ryan Theriot.

Theriot gives us his take on the possible cancellation of the MLB Draft.

Father Michael Alello joins Matt and Ryan to pray for an end to coronavirus, and the return of live sports.

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