AFR 3-24-2020 Hour 1 | Saints Add More in Free Agency

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt talks the latest free agent signings and news involving the New Orleans Saints. The Black and Gold restructured cornerback Janoris Jenkins’ contract to open up around $7 million in cap space. Matt talks ‘cap hell.’ The Saints also resigned Noah Spence and added Deatrick Nichols from the XFL.

Former LSU long jumper, and Jamacian Olympian joins Matt to talk the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. What was his first reaction when he heard the Games would be postponed?

“I’ve been working so hard and so long just to go to another Games and make my mark,” Forbes said. “It’s heart breaking. All that hard work seems for nothing, as of now.”

When did he and his team start to think that CoVid-19  could impact the Olympics?

“Oh yes. I think it was back in January when we first started seeing it explode in China,” Forbes said. “We actually had an indoor championship in a city right next to Wuhan. When that got canceled we were thankful. When it started to spread we thought to ourselves that China is close to Japan.”

Mack Brown is optimistic that college football will have a season and start on time. Matt talks comments made by the North Carolina head coach.

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee and more.

Joe Buck is doing play by play of people doing random tasks in quarantine on Twitter.

Al Woods signs with Jaguars.

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