AFR 3-25-2020 Hour 1 | GMs want NFL Draft Pushed Back

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt talks the ongoing talks between the NFL and it’s GMs on when the 2020 NFL Draft should take place. The league wants the Draft to go on as scheduled, while GMs want it pushed back. Saints GM Mickey Loomis weighed in on The Peter King Podcast. Hear what Loomis had to say.

LSU senior pitcher Matthew Beck joins Matt to talk his experiences with coronavirus’ impact on LSU Baseball. What was Beck’s reaction when the season was canceled?

“Initially I guess my reaction was like everyone else. I was kind of mad. I felt like we got cheated,” Beck said. “As time went on I respected the decision a little more. I still don’t like it.”

Beck talks baseball nicknames, what happened to his long hair and more before getting back to the serious topic of eligibility.

So what is the situation with Beck’s eligibility?

“The latest that I’ve heard is that there is a vote and everybody is kind of split,” Beck said. “So really I don’t know what is going to happen.”

Hypothetically, if granted another year, would Beck come back to LSU?

“Well to be honest with you I wasn’t really planning on going to LSU for a fifth year. I would have to get a masters and things like that,” Beck said. “Now if they cover it with a scholarship, then it’s  a no doubt yes.”

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Mississippi State, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Taylor Calandro joins Matt to talk business at Calandro’s Supermarket, and the latest Bourbon Dictionary. How has the coronavirus affected whiskey and spirit sales?

“Well for us it hasn’t done anything. We are still selling stuff,” Calandro said. “The way it’s affected it is the restaurant and casino industry.”

Taylor C and Matt give you some rye whiskeys under $40 to quarantine with.

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