AFR 3-27-2020 Hour 1 | NFL Draft to go on as planned

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt talks Roger Goodell’s decision to go forward with the NFL Draft on the dates planned.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said last night on ESPN radio that he would be ‘shocked’ if there is NFL and college football in the fall. Hear Herbstreit’s comments, as well as, Matt’s reaction.’s Kendall Rogers joins Matt to talk the new deal between the MLB and the MLBPA, and it’s affects on college baseball. What is the latest on the MLB Draft?

“The draft is going to happen sometime between the end of June and the middle of June. It will either be 5 or 10 rounds. Right now I’m hearing 5 rounds,” Rogers said. “It’s going to be a win for college baseball in the short term.”

If the draft is 5 rounds, are Cole Henry, Daniel Cabrera, Saul Garza and Devin Fontenot all be taken?

“I think Cole Henry and Daniel Cabrera would be,” Rogers said. “I don’t think the other guys are. There’s a good chance those guys comeback for another year.”

Rogers updates the latest on the eligibility talks for spring athletes.

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

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