AFR 3-30-2020 Hour 2 | USA Today’s Latest Mock Draft

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Los Angeles Dodgers area scout Benny Latino joins Matt to kick off hour two of After Further Review. Latino talks his reaction to the MLB Draft being shortened from 40 to either 10 or 5 rounds.

“Obviously, as a scout we are a little disappointed,” Latino said. “You work all year to have depth in your draft. Maybe find that diamond in the rough in the late rounds.”

Which type of player does this affect the most?

“The high school player. The good college player that needed a full season to prove to scouts that he could perform consistently,” Latino said. “As an area scout, I concentrate early on the high profile college and high school guys. High school guys who were coming on and college guys who needed a full season.”

Matt takes a look at USA Today’s latest NFL Mock Draft. Where do the LSU guys land, and who is projected to New Orleans at No. 24?

Falcons owner Arthur Blank projects a 16-game NFL season due to CoVid-19. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk believes that a normal football season will not happen. Matt reacts.

Former LSU golfer and current PGA Tour pro Smylie Kaufman joins Matt to talk his favorite memories from LSU’s National Championship football season and coronavirus’ impact on the golf world. How has the shutdown impacted his game?

“For me I’ve had a very interesting schedule the last few years,” Kaufman said. “This has actually been good for me. I’ve been able to work on my game a lot. The swing feels about as good as it has. For the guys on tour it stinks because the best golf was right in front of them.

Is Kaufman able to play full rounds during quarantine?

“Yeah I’ve been playing a lot,” Kaufman said. “I’m out there just walking the course and carrying my own bag.”

Musso looks back at this day in sports’ history.

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