AFR 3-31-2020 Hour 2 | NFL expands playoffs

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt talks the latest news out of the NFL. Today the league approved an expanded playoff, and reports are they are still planning to have a 16-game season. The playoffs will now consist on 14 teams.

Host of Sports225 Lee Feinswog joins Matt for his weekly spot to talk sports and beer.

Feinswog gives his take on HBO’s documentary on corruption in college basketball, The Scheme which will debut tonight. Feinswog says he will absolutely watch.

ESPN is moving up The Last Dance doc on Michael Jordan. Feinswog expresses his excitement to watch.

Feinswog talks the NCAA’s decision to grant blanket eligibility.

Chris Godwin gives Tom Brady No. 12.

Musso takes you through this day in sports history.

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