AFR 3-31-2020 Hour 3 | Todd McShay’s Latest Mock Draft

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Fox Sports’ Tim Brando joins Matt in hour three to talk the landscape of sports amid coronavirus. Brando talks how network television is being impacted by the virus.

“Economically it’s tough on everyone, and that includes network television. The networks have to be creative now. Just getting these daily talk shows up now is difficult,” Brando said. “We work in the toy department of life. We are not essential. I do think that we give the world a break from the normal.”

Brando recounts his experience at the Big East Tournament this year when everything was canceled.

New Orleans Saints’ head coach Sean Payton was a guest on GetUp this morning and made headlines when talking Taysom Hill’s role and Drew Brees’ future. Matt reacts.

Todd McShay has released his latest mock draft, and this time it’s a two round draft.  McShay has seven LSU players in those two rounds, four in the first round.

Matt, Paul and Musso wrap the show with Best Person in Sports and What We Learned.

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