AFR 3-5-2020 Hour 2 | A Full Hour of Football Talk w/Mike Detillier

Weekdays 3PM - 6PM

In hour two of After Further Review, Matt is joined by football insider Mike Detillier for the full hour. First, Detillier gives us a few of his favorite Buddy D stories.

LSU opens spring practice on Saturday. Mike D gives us what he is looking for on the offensive side of the ball, specifically Myles Brennan.

The Tigers will have to replace four out of their five offensive linemen for the 2020 season. How does Mike D think the line play will shake out?

“I have to see who is going to end up being the five,” Detillier said. “I’m not too worried about the interior. My thing is always off the edges.”

On defense the Tigers’ biggest hole is at linebacker. How does Detillier propose LSU fixes this?

“Man go get Jabrill Cox from North Dakota State. I actually did a write up on him,” Detillier said. “After watching him against Nicholls, I think if you put him in the middle you’re problem is solved. If he would’ve declared this year, he would’ve been a second round pick in the draft.”

Finally, listener questions for Detillier wrap the hour during “Ask Mike.”

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