AFR 3-5-2020 Hour 3 | Ja’Marr Chase gets No. 7 Jersey

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt talks LSU Football bestowing the No. 7 jersey upon Ja’Marr Chase. Spoiler, Matt doesn’t care about the No. 7 jersey. Tiger Basketball will host senior day on Saturday vs. Georgia with hopes of somehow getting off the 8/9 line in the NCAA Tournament. Matt talks how this is possible.

Drew Brees was on WEEI Radio in Boston today as part of an event he was present at. Brees talked on the Greg Hill Show about his decision to play another year, his connection to the city of New Orleans and more.

Subtweet Shawn and Lil Elt join Matt in studio for the third segment of hour three. Subtweet Shawn of course unearthed Lil Elt’s hit Get the Gat from 1992 during LSU Football’s championship run. What has life been like for Shawn since the last time he was on the show?

“It’s just been a great experience. I’ve been getting love for stuff I was doing, but this was different,” Subtweet Shawn said. “I never expected it to be this big.”

Lil Elt gives us some insight into how the two linked up.

“Once I saw him online doing the challenge and things, I knew I had to link up with him,” Lil Elt said.

Lil Elt gives us his reaction to viral sensation his song has become.

“It always was hot in the city, so when I played a show in the city Get the Gat was always the jam,” Lil Elt said. “But what it’s doing now is what I always wanted it to do and go national. It’s crazy that it’s happening 27 years later.”

What We Learned wraps the show as per usual.

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