AFR 3-6-2020 Hour 1 | LSU Basketball and Baseball Preview

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt previews LSU’s matchup with Georgia in hoops to close the regular season. How do the Tigers slow down freshman sensation Anthony Edwards?

LSU Baseball hosts UMass Lowell in the last non-conference weekend of the season. Matt talks the two things he’s looking for.

Former Southern football player Devon Gales, who was paralyzed in a 2016 game vs. Georgia joins Matt to update his rehab progress. A new video has surfaced of Gales bench pressing the bar. Where has Gales seen the most improvement recently?

“I’d say more so in my core. I’m able to sit up more. My balance has gotten a lot better,” Gales said. “I’m just trying to do more and more everyday to get these muscles working.”

Gales is also going to be coaching  football in the fall at a local Atlanta high school. The former Jaguar talks how that job came about.

“Last year when we had the welcome home party, they came and visited the home,” Gales said. “They stayed close with us, and he asked ‘hey Devon you want a job?'”

What will his role be on the staff?

“Mostly mentoring, and keeping them uplifted,” Gales said. “Anything they need me to do. I’ll do everything except to call the plays.”

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Kentucky, Mizzou and Georgia.

LSU will host grad transfer linebacker Jabrill Cox on a visit. What could Cox bring to the Tigers?

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the pros.

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