AFR 3-9-2020 Hour 2 | Will Wade talks SEC Tournament

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LSU Basketball head coach Will Wade joins Matt to preview LSU’s trip to Nashville for the SEC Tournament. The Tigers have not won a game in the tournament since 2014. Obviously this predates Wade’s time at LSU, but the coach talks why the drought has been so long.

“A lot of it’s the draw, and who you’re playing. So a lot goes into it,” Wade said. “A lot of the time we haven’t been taking a very good team. We’ve gotta go and play well. Nothing that happened in the past matters for this year.”

LSU won’t play until Friday night due to having the double bye. Coach Wade talks what the Tigers schedule will look like this week in preparation for Nashville.

“We took yesterday off and today off from practice,” Wade said. “I felt we needed to rest just as much physically as we did mentally.”

Matt talks the state of Florida approving a NIL bill that will go into effect in January 2021. The state of Illinois has also voted to legalize sports gambling. Matt urges Louisiana to do the same.

The Pelicans have won two in a row with the most recent win coming over the Timberwolves last night in Minnesota. Matt recaps the game.

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the pros. Marucci sells for $200 million.

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