AFR 3-9-2020 Hour 3 | LSU Sweeps UMass Lowell

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by former LSU pitcher Louis Coleman in his normal spot to talk baseball. LSU is coming off their first three game sweep of the season. Jaden Hill continues to turn heads out of the bullpen. Is there any reason to move him into the starting rotation?

“I don’t think so right now. You can’t complain about how any of the starters have thrown to this point,” Coleman said. “The offense has been where the struggles have been.”

Father of the late Wayde Sims, Wayne Sims joins Matt in hour three to talk what it was like going through senior day in honor of his son on Saturday. What was the day like for Wayne and his wife Fae?

“Anything that is done for Wayde is emotional for us,” Sims said. “But we were glad for LSU to do something like that for us. This would’ve been his last game too.”

Sims talks the scholarship that was endowed by Hancock Whitney Bank in his son’s name. The scholarship will be given to an incoming LSU Basketball freshman for academic expenses.

Sims talks the next event for the Wayde Sims Foudation.

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