AFR 4-27-2020 Hour 2 | Saints Sign Jameis Winston

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Former LSU guard Marshall Graves joins Matt with a very interesting story involving Michael Jordan, but first what’s next for the former Tiger? Graves says basketball is not in his future. He plans to start his career in his hometown of Ponchatoula.

Graves then starts in on his story of how he played pick-up basketball with Michael Jordan in the Bahamas. Graves also scored the victory, and tells us how.

Matt talks the news of the Saints signing Jameis Winston to be the backup quarterback, and seems to remember someone who suggested this one month ago.

LSU Football stays hot on the recruiting trail over the weekend. Matt talks the latest commitment.

Musso takes us through this day in sports. Matt and Musso bet on if Jake Mangum will make it to the pros.

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