AFR 4-7-2020 Hour 1 | MLB BioDome?

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt talks the latest proposal from Major League Baseball to play in a BioDome atmosphere.

New Orleans Saints team doctor Dr. Chip Bankston joins Matt to talk the challenges COVID-19 has presented on the medical side of the NFL Draft.

“Well the hard part was all the COVID stuff happened after the combine,” Dr. Bankston said. “After the combine there is a stack of 35-40 players who may have had an injury that prevented them from going through drills. Those players are part of the rechecks. Not being able to examine those players again makes it challenging.”

The SEC is looking into Alabama’s use of the Apple Watch to monitor their player’s activity during the quarantine.

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Alabama.

Sports Illustrated settles the DBU battle in college football.

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