AFR 4-7-2020 Hour 2 | NFL PI Replay Done?

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Washington Nationals pitcher Will Harris joins Matt to talk the MLB’s latest proposal for a return to play. MLB is looking into a BioDome like scenario where all 30 teams would be isolated in Arizona for the season. Would Harris be okay with leaving his family for four and half months to play baseball?

“I think I would. Everybody is in their own unique situation,” Harris said. “For me being 35 and finally making it to free agency, I don’t think a whole lot of people will be beating down my door at 38. So I would like to play.”

What about his teammates? What are some of their feelings on the idea?

“It was kind of a mixed bag. Some guys were like ‘that’s crazy, that’s stupid,'” Harris said. “Others were like ‘hey whatever I have to do to collect a paycheck.'”

Host of Sports225 Lee Feinswog joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk sports and beer. Feinswog is not in favor of the MLB’s latest proposal for a return to play.

Lee’s beer recommendation of the week is Strawgator by Abita.

Matt talks the NFL possibly going away from the pass interference review rule.

Musso takes you back in time with this day in sports.

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