AFR 5-27-2020 Hour 3 | Todd McShay’s Top 32 for 2021

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt talks Todd McShay’s way too early Top 32 for 2021. McShay has Ja’Marr Chase ranked at No. 2. Hear what Coach O had to say this morning regarding the WR position at LSU in 2020. McShay also has Tyler Shelvin from LSU ranked at No. 22.

Russ Mitchell of joins Matt with his phone of 3% battery. Mitchell discusses how to avoid your wife before breaking down the teams in the SEC with a first year head coach. Did Matt and Russ get it all in before the phone died?

Matt recaps the Saints roster moves made today.

Matt, Paul and Musso wrap the show with What We Learned.

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