AFR 7-11-19 Hour One / Brooks Kubena in studio to talk LSU Football

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In hour one of After Further Review, James Moran filled in for Matt.

Brooks Kubena of The Advocate joins the show to talk LSU Football and preview the upcoming SEC Media Days next week.

The biggest question Brooks has for LSU: Is the offense going to work?

Joe Burrow ran this new offense in high school and Ohio State, so Brooks said that could be a positive. They also talked Burrow’s relationship with Texas coach Tom Herman. Will that be an advantage for LSU going into Austin?

Brooks talked about the new philosophy LSU wide receivers are learning. It’s a lot different than what Jerry Sullivan taught them last year.

“Joe Brady mostly talked about spacing more then anything,” said Brooks. The running backs will be less concerned with blocking in pass protection and more as receivers.

“Joe Brady made it very clear. He doesn’t want 6-7 man protections,” said Moran.

They took your calls and questions, looked at the upcoming recruiting class and more!

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