AFR 7-2-2020 Hour 3 | Will Pac-12 play football?

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt talks the possibility of some Pac-12 schools opting to not play football. Commissioner Larry Scott has floated that idea out there.

LSU target 5-star DT Maason Smith was on Off the Bench this morning. Matt recaps some of what Smith had to say about his recruitment process.

The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is begins this week in Ohio. Jen Hale is the only reporter in the bubble at TBT. Hale joins Matt to explain her experience thus far. Hale says TBT’s bubble is very similar to what the NBA is envisioning. Hale who has had her share of health problems in her life. Does she feel safe?

Matt, Paul and Musso wrap the show with their 4th of July plans and What We Learned.

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