AFR 7-7-2020 Hour 1 | Sen. Cleo Fields wants Louisiana fall sports K-12 canceled

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt lights into Louisiana state senator, Cleo Fields. This comes after Sen. Fields suggested that Louisiana high school sports should be canceled for the fall. Even going as far as to say the decision needs to be taken out of the LHSAA’s hands.

Former LSU forward Emmitt Williams joins the show in hour one. Williams was supposed to be playing in The Basketball Tournament, but his team was disqualified after a memeber of his team was thought to have tested positive for coronavirus. It turns out that it was a false positive. Williams talks his experience going through life in the TBT bubble. Williams is keeping his name in the draft, and says until the next step he is just working out at home in Florida.

Matt goes around the SEC with stories on Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama.

Matt closes the hour talking LSU Football’s ring night. Also, how close is LSU to landing 5-star OT Tristan Leigh?

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