AFR 8-22-19 Hour 2 | A full hour of football talk w/Mike Detillier

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The hot button issue of the week for the Saints has been Teddy vs. Taysom. We finally get Mike D’s opinion on the matter.

“There is no doubt Taysom has improved as a passer, you can see it in his footwork,” Detillier said. “If there is a regular season game to play tomorrow, Teddy is getting the nod.”

Mike is adament that the successor to Drew Brees is still in college.

“Whether it is in 2020, 2021, the Saints are going to use an early round pick on a quarterback,” Detillier said.

LSU is dealing with some injuries and battles on the offensive line to the point where it has become the most talked about position in fall camp. What does Mike D make of the current situation along the front especially with the guard position.

“Still fluid,” Detillier said. “I think going in that was a big concern, but I think we were more concerned with the tackle position.”

So that’s on the offensive front, Detillier says the defensive line is a different story and gives a name to look out for eventhough he’s not mentioned often.

“The one guy who I think who is poised for a big season is Glenn Logan,” Detillier said.

Drew Brees gave wide reciever, Austin Carr a glowing review, which Mike D says ‘means alot,’ so does that mean Carr is guaranteed to make the 53-man?

“Man, it’s going to be tough for him not to,” Detillier said. “Drew trusts him; he trusts that he will be where he is supposed to be every play.”

Mike says Deonte Harris is a player to watch this weekend with much to gain vs. the Jets.

“If I’m making my cuts today, he’s on my team,” Detillier said.

Detillier also commends the play of Trey Hendrickson as he has been a standout in camp as a pass rusher.

The guys wrap up with listener questions for Mike during “AskMike.”

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