AFR 9-10-19 Hour 2 | Is Joe Burrow a first round draft pick?

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In hour two of After Further Review, Matt talks the latest in “ACGate.”  Coach O was asked a question about a rumor that the team did not have working air conditioning in the visiting locker room on Saturday at Texas. The University of Texas has since issued a statement saying this is false.

“I kind of feel like this is much a do about nothing,” Matt said. “I don’t think anyone from either university is complaining about this.”

Joe Burrow is projected by as a first round draft pick. Matt makes the case as to why this is 100 percent a possibility.

Lee Feinswog joins Matt in segment two to talk sports and beer.

Northwestern State head coach, Brad Laird stops by to preview the Demons’ trip to Baton Rouge.

Musso catches you up on the former Tigers in the Pros.

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