AFR 9-19-19 Hour 1 | A full hour of football talk w/Mike Detillier.

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In hour one of After Further Review, Matt is joined by football insider, Mike Detillier to talk all things football. The Saints head to Seattle this weekend to take on the Seahawks, and do so  without quarterback, Drew Brees who had surgery on his thumb yesterday. Detillier talks how the Black and Gold replace their signal caller.

“You are going to have to do it by committee,” Detillier said. “You’re trying to replace a NFL hall of famer. You can’t do it with just one guy.”

Detillier says that this injury to Brees is reason enough for the Saints to spend a first round draft pick on a quarterback in the 2020 draft.

Brees’ injury isn’t the only one the Saints are dealing with. Linebacker, Alex Anzalone was placed on IR after the Rams’ game meaning he will miss at least eight weeks. How do Sean Payton and Dennis Allen go about replacing their middle linebacker?

“This is why you brought in Kiko,” Detillier said. “Anzalone is a good football player, but he just can’t stay healthy.”

LSU opens SEC play this weekend in Nashville against Vanderbilt. The Commodores surrendered more than 500 yards passing to Purdue last weekend. This is prompting some people to ask if this game is a chance for Joe Burrow to break the LSU single game passing yards record of 528.

“It could be, but it just depends on how early this game gets out of hand,” Detillier said.

LSU’s offense is rolling through the first three games of the season. What is one area Coach Orgeron would like to see improvement even with all the success?

“I think he would like to see some more from the running game,” Detillier said. “They haven’t really gotten a push up front to help it out.”

The Tigers’ defense has been under the microscope the last two weeks. Is Detillier concerned?

“To say I’m not would be lying,” Detillier said.

Detillier points to the lack of pass rush as his reason for being concerned.

In segment three Matt and Mike D talk life without Drew Brees for the next six weeks. What is realistic for the Black and Gold according to Detillier?

“The next two weeks are going to be rough,” Detillier said. “Those two defenses are really good. After that is lightens up a little bit. If you can go 3-3 through these six games, I’ll take that.”

Detillier likes the Seahawks 24-17 over the Saints and LSU 45-17 over Vanderbilt.

Matt and Mike D wrap up with listener questions in the last segment during “AskMike.”

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