AFR 9-19-19 Hour 3 | Recap of Coach O’s weekly radio show

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt recaps Coach Orgeron’s weekly radio show. Coach O updates the gameplan for his defensive line. LSU fans will get their first look at Justin Thomas up front who Coach O says might be the team’s most athletic defensive lineman. The Tigers will also move TK McClendon from tight end to defensive line. Matt says this is a bit of a double edged sword because it speaks to the depth you have a tight end, but also the lack of depth you have on the defensive line.

Chris Lee of joins Matt to preview the LSU-Vanderbilt matchup. The city of Nashville is expecting a huge turnout of LSU fans ahead of this game. This is something Lee says is the norm.

“I would imagine, that seems to be the case every week here,” Lee said. “They get outdrawn in their own stadium about 80% of the time now.”

“Well I don’t know if any of those are season changing,” Lee said. “What I do think has changed somethings for them is a couple injuries on the offensive line.”

Lee points to the absence of Devin Cochran as the most significant.

Matt talks the latest with the Saints ahead of the game in Seattle.

Matt, Nate and Musso wrap up with listener questions during “AskUs.”

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