AJ Vaynerchuk talks negotiating contracts during coronavirus

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Sports agent with Vayner Sports AJ Vaynerchuk joins Matt and Ryan to talk what this week of free agency has been like without being able to meet with clients and teams in person.

“It’s been surreal I would say. The early part of the week everytime I got on the phone the first five minutes of the conversation was ‘man I can’t believe we are doing this,'” Vaynerchuk said. “It’s been unique to say the least.”

What about from a draft prospective? How has this affected the pre-draft process for prospects?

“At least for me, we have 13 different guys for this draft class. You have to put them into two different categories. Guys who were invited to the combine, and guys who weren’t,” Vaynerchuk said. “With the combine guys they have a leg up on the pre draft process because they have been able to interact with teams. For the non-combine guys it’s about building their brand.”

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