Andrew Lopez talks the Pelicans opening loss to the Raptors

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ESPN NBA reporter, Andrew Lopez joins us from the tarmac of the Atlanta airport to recap the Pelicans opening season loss in Toronto. What was the atmosphere like on ring night for the Raptors?

“It was ridculous. They started the ring ceremony about 30 minutes before tip off,” Lopez said. “It felt like a playoff game towards the end.”

Brandon Ingram was the leading scorer for the Pels. What did Lopez see from Ingram?

“Ingram did kind of what you expected him to do,” Lopez said. “His game fit into this offense. He probably had the best night of the newcomers.”

What does JJ Reddick bring to the Pels?

“It’s defintely some leadership,” Lopez said. “I know he spoke up in the lockerroom saying there’s a fine line in being 39-40 and 40-39.”

Lonzo Ball made his Pelicans debut as well last night. What did Lopez make of Ball’s game?

“Lonzo confused me,” Lopez said. “I don’t know if it was Lonzo’s game or Gentry’s use of Lonzo that confused me.”

Does Lopez believe Zion being “overweight” have anything to do with his injury?

“I don’t think it’s overweight. I think it was a freak injury,” Lopez said. “In the future, he will need to learn to take better care of his body.”

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