Barton Simmons thinks LSU’s brand resonates beyond the SEC

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Director of Scouting for 247 Sports Barton Simmons joined Jordy and T-Bob on Off the Bench to talk about Jacqueline Roy committing to LSU.

“It’s this constant battle with Coach O to make sure he’s doing what he needs to do in the state of Louisiana,” Simmons said.

As a high school player, how do you bump yourself up to a five star?

“Our 5 star list is 32 players long by the end of the process,” Barton said about Roy. “It’s more about proving that he’s better than the players around him.”

Also, what has LSU’s brand done to extend their reach this cycle?

“LSU (Football) has embraced that LSU has a brand that resonates beyond the SEC and they’ve leaned on that,” Barton said.

Finally, Simmons said there is no doubt that the new facilities make an impact on recruiting.

“When you’re wide-eyed and mouth open because you’re amazed at the facilities, it’s all part of the process,” Simmons said.

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