Ben Baby talks Joe Burrow to Bengals

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Ben Baby covers the Cinicinnati Bengals for ESPN. Baby joins Matt to talk the possibility of Joe Burrow being drafted by the Bengals. Today at the combine Burrow squashed the narrative that he doesn’t want to play in Cinicinnati. Baby reacts to Burrow’s comments.

“It’s really fascinating because the last few weeks he’s been very hesistant to tie himself to Cincinnati,” Baby said. “The number one thing I wanted to find out was why. If you are someone who wants to see him in Cincinnati, you have to be happy with what you heard today.”

The pick seems more like an inevitability than a possibility, but is there any chance that the Bengals pass on Burrow?

“I would be so stunned. Something would have to go really really haywire,” Baby said. “They really like what they’ve seen from him so far. They will get to talk to him for the first time tomorrow.”

What about a trade for the No. 1 pick? Would the Bengals listen to an offer?

“For them to get rid of that pick it would have to be an astronomical amount of picks, and something they couldn’t say no to,” Baby said. “I think that if you feel like there is a quarterback who you like and checks all the boxes, you do whatever you have to do to get him.”

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