Ben McDonald talks Ripken’s 2131 game, college baseball

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Former LSU and Orioles pitcher, now with the SEC Network joins Matt to talk the re-air of Cal Ripken’s 2131 game earlier this week on ESPN, and the future of college baseball. McDonald was on the Orioles that night and shares his memories from watching the re-air earlier this week.

“I did watch it, and I’d never watched the replay of that game,” McDonald said. “I was texting Cal during the game, it was really cool to sit down and watch it all unfold.”

What does McDonald make of a shortened MLB Draft down to as low as possibly five rounds?

“I don’t like it because there’s been a lot guys drafted after the fifth round who have made it to the big leagues and done well. Those guys are going to get left behind,” McDonald said. “What I do like is college baseball will be stacked. I talked to one SEC head coach the other day who says there could be 40 big leaguers in the SEC alone next season.”

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