Benny Latino talks a shortened MLB Draft

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Los Angeles Dodgers area scout Benny Latino joins Matt to kick off hour two of After Further Review. Latino talks his reaction to the MLB Draft being shortened from 40 to either 10 or 5 rounds.

“Obviously, as a scout we are a little disappointed,” Latino said. “You work all year to have depth in your draft. Maybe find that diamond in the rough in the late rounds.”

Which type of player does this affect the most?

“The high school player. The good college player that needed a full season to prove to scouts that he could perform consistently,” Latino said. “As an area scout, I concentrate early on the high profile college and high school guys. High school guys who were coming on and college guys who needed a full season.”

“I just spent three hours on the computer using a synergy program watching college games, taking notes,” Latino said. “It’s the best option that scouts have right now.”

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