Billy Embody talks recruiting ahead of the early signing period

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Billy Embody of Geaux247 joins Matt ahead of tomorrow’s early signing period. How does LSU stand for tomorrow on the recruiting trail?

“They are in a position to have a No. 1 class if they get the guys they want,” Embody said. “It’s different because there’s a little more intrigue nationally with this class for tomorrow.”

How many players are the Tigers expected to sign early tomorrow?

“Off the top of my head it should be about 19 to 20,” Embody said.

LSU has a full day ahead tomorrow with 4 top targets announcing tomorrow. Embody breaks down his confidence level in each that they end up at LSU.

Should LSU be expecting any giant surprises tomorrow?

“I don’t think so, Zach Evans would be the only one because he’s been so all over the place,” Embody said. “I don’t think he signs tomorrow.”

What would the numbers have to look like if LSU wants to leave a spot open for a grad transfer?

“It’s something that’s on the table,” Embody said. “That’s something I think you’ll see more tackled in February with the numbers.”

LSU has a chance at landing the No. 1 overall class. Is it clear what LSU needs to do tomorrow and in February to land that ranking?

“Yeah we would have a pretty good idea,” Embody said. “Number one I think they have to get Burch. He’s key. Keeping Burton and getting Zach Evans, they have to clean up.”

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