Booger McFarland previews Chiefs vs 49ers

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Monday Night Football’s Booger McFarland joins Jordy and T-Bob to begin previewing the Super Bowl and how we got to this point.

“The 49ers threw 8 passes in a championship game and blew the Packers out,” McFarland said. “That just goes to show you what their gameplan is for Super Bowl Sunday.”

Can the Chiefs’ defense have success against the 49ers?

“Yeah if you’re Kansas City, the thing you go into this game worried about how do we combat what the 49ers do, meaning the running game,” McFarland said.

Who wins the battle between the 49ers pash rush and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes?

“I’m telling you right now great defenses will always beat great offenses,” McFarland said.

Finally, they talk about how you prepare for the Super Bowl during the off-week.

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