Booger McFarland Previews LSU-Bama

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ESPN’s Booger McFarland joins OTB to talk football, starting with the LSU vs. Alabama match-up.

“The match-up comes down to the offensive and defensive line,” McFarland said. “If you want to know how this game is going to go… it comes down to two match-ups. (Anfernee) Jennings against (Saahdiq) Charles, and, on the other side, (Terrell) Lewis versus (Austin) Deculus.”

Since LSU and Alabama have some of the best receiving corps in the country, McFarland said that the wide receiver-defensive back match-up is worth watching.

“I think both sides are going to win some battles and both sides are going to lose some battles,” McFarland said. “You better be able to tackle number 22, because Najee Harris is a grown man.”

McFarland said that the best idea to seize momentum on Saturday would be to take an aggressive stance.

“I can’t wait to see the adjustment that Brady and Ensminger make,” McFarland said. “If LSU wins the toss, most coaches defer. If I’m Coach O, I would take the football.”

In NFL action, McFarland speculated on who may end up with the first overall draft pick.

“Probably the Bengals,” McFarland said. “The Jets are terrible. The Bengals have switched to a rookie quarterback.”

In regard to Adam Gase’s and Freddie Kitchens’ jobs, McFarland said that he doesn’t want to make a call.

“I’ve stopped calling for people’s jobs after I fired Les Miles,” “I think that the job of a coach is to put players in a position to succeed, and I don’t think (either) of those guys are doing that right now.”

McFarland said that certain players need to bring their A-game, and his pick is irrelevant.

“It’s not about who I’m picking,” McFarland said. “It’s about how they play. I think Grant Delpit has to play very big. Tua’s going to play… can Stingley, can the guys on the outside, can they hold up in coverage?”

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