Booger McFarland Talks NFL, College Football

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ESPN’s Booger McFarland joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with Phillip Rivers and the Chargers.

“The market for Rivers would probably like the market for T-Bob if T-Bob was a free agent,” McFarland said. “It reminded me of the last couple times I saw Mike Tyson fight. He’s the problem with the Chargers team right now.”

McFarland said that the Bolts may start trying to shop Rivers or choose to give him a minimal extension.

“I think they’re going to survey the land and figure out what’s available,” McFarland said. “I don’t think they’re going to offer him a huge deal. I think they’re going to have to make the tough decision.”

The Chiefs look like contenders, McFarland said.

“I think they’re going to be okay,” McFarland said. “They’re just not a physical football team. As long as they’ve got Patrick Mahomes, they’re going to be in every game, and they’re going to be a tough out.”

In the NFL, McFarland said he is only focused on the win-loss record.

“As we get ready to enter December, I think the cream is starting to rise to the top,” McFarland said. “It’s about getting wins.”

The Rams still have room to improve, McFarland said.

“I don’t think the Rams are done,” McFarland said. “I think the Rams are a victim of having a young quarterback and putting too much on that young quarterback too early.”

McFarland said that LSU’s defensive struggles against Ole Miss are not cause for great concern.

“We’re not as talented in the front seven as we’ve been in the last few years,” McFarland said. “Dave Aranda is one of the top 5 defensive minds in football… that’s college and pro. People in Baton Rouge are not used to being an offensive team.”

LSU’s last regular season match-up is going to pose a threat, McFarland said.

“A&M has the same offense that Ole Miss has but better players,” McFarland said. “That game between LSU and A&M is the biggest game of the season.”

Motivation may be hard to come by on Saturday, McFarland said.

“As long as we are in that National Championship picture, I think everyone has their eyes on that prize,” McFarland said. “I don’t expect us to really play well (against Arkansas). I think this Arkansas game will be really similar to Ole Miss.”

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