Brad Edwards talks this weekend’s LSU-Alabama game

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ESPN college football insider, Brad Edwards joins Matt to preview the LSU-Alabama game. Most think this game feels different than others in the past. Does Edwards feel that way?

“Our show has been to the last 10 or 12 of these recently,” Edwards said. “It’s normally been can LSU ruin Alabama’s season, not both. I compare it more to 2011. The winner of that game was thought to be going to the National Championship game. This doesn’t feel like it’s a forgone conclusion like that did.”

Is the thought that LSU will have more success on offense this year because Alabama’s defense isn’t as dominant as it normally is an accurate one?

“Yeah, that’s what I see. Let me disclaim that by saying as much as they haven’t looked like an Alabama defense, they still rank sixth in defensive efficiency,” Edwards said. “They’ve become a bend but don’t break. If I see an achilles heel it’s been on third down in conference play.”

Is there a scenario where defense dominates this game and it isn’t played in the 30s?

“I can’ t think of one. You’re talking minimum in the 30s,” Edwards said. “I’m just going to call it what it is. This is a Big 12 game. I don’t think these defenses are equipped to get a bunch of stops against these offenses. They are too good.”

Edwards talks a scenario where the loser of this game gets left out. It involves the Pac 12 and Oklahoma. Edwards says the best way to back in is to dominate the rest of your schedule, and prove you are better than the other teams fighting for the final spot.

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