Breiden Fehoko talks draft process, ’19 season

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by former LSU defensive end and National Champion Breiden Fehoko. Fehoko takes us through his current routine in preparing for the NFL Draft, but first the former Tiger gives us his biggest takeaway from his time at LSU.

“I guess it’s the positive energy. The joy of everybody getting to enteract with not only me but my family as well,” Fehoko said. “That’s what I take away most from my time in BR.”

Fehoko was able to play in the Hula Bowl this past weekend. What was that experience like?

“It was awesome. Throughout the week I just wanted to approach it as a professional,” Fehoko said. “Along the way I got to meet with every team, and Coach Quinn of the Falcons.”

Fehoko talks about what he wants to show the NFL scouts over the next couple months ahead of the draft.

“Really to show that I’m an explosive athlete,” Fehoko said. “I can put up some great numbers on the field, and crush it in the weight room.”

The 2019 LSU Tigers are being called the greatest college football team of all time. Fehoko talks the moment when he knew that this group was special.

“You know when we were in fall camp normally defensively we are bullying the offense. This year it wasn’t like that,” Fehoko said. “Everyday the competition, we elevated eachother. You knew we were on the verge of something great.”

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