Brett Hudson previews Alabama-LSU from the side of the Tide

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Brett Hudson who covers Alabama for the Tuscaloosa News joins Matt to preview the Alabama-LSU matchup from the opposite side. The biggest storyline around the game is the health and status of Tide quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. Hudson gives us the latest.

“This has gone exactly as I thought it would from the moment we got that statement after the Arkansas game that he had the tight rope procedure,” Hudson said. “I never doubted he would play against LSU. Assuming his ankle takes well to his increasing practice workload on Thursday and Friday he will play.”

Are there ever games at Alabama that are bigger than others?

“They try to not make it that way,” Hudson said. “Certainly the circumstances around this game are making it harder. All the messaging in the building has been don’t let one game get bigger than the other.”

How popular is the narrative in Alabama that the Tide defense isn’t up to par with past units?

“It’s a big one. If you were to sit Alabama fans down and say ‘Alabama doesn’t win the national championship because…’ the most popular answer would be defense,” Hudson said. “It has gotten better over the last few weeks because Terrell Lewis is healthy and rushing the passer.”

How can LSU actually score in this game?

“I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that LSU can come in here and hang a minium of 30,” Hudson said. “You can make the argument that 30 might not be enough.”

Many think special teams could play a critical role in this game. This is a unit who has struggled for Alabama throughout recent history. What is the feeling around Alabama’s special teams?

“It’s one of those things where the coaching staff is growing confident, but the fans aren’t going to feel confident in anything dealing with place kickers,” Hudson said. “They have had their struggles this year as well, but a lot of it is because of injury.”