Brody Miller said LSU fans should have a low stress level when it comes to Joe Burrow

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Brody Miller of The Athletic joined Jordy and T-Bob on Off the Bench to recap LSU’s scrimmage and BEER WARS.

Miller talks about where the LSU fan stress levels should be at with Joe Burrow missing the scrimmage.

“Pretty small,” Miller said. “From what I understand he got hit and got a little banged up.”

What about Grant Delpit’s injury?

“His is going to probably take a little while to recover from”  Miller said. “They seem optimistic that he’ll be ready for week one.”

Miller discussed the offensive line, how impressive their growth has been, and what new Passing Game Coordinator Joe Brady looked like. However, he thinks the defense dominated the scrimmage.

Finally, T-Bob and Jordy have been banging the Myles Brennan drum. How did he look?

“I don’t know if he neccesarily looked fantastic in the scrimmage,” Miller said. “I think there is a big gap between Burrow and Brennan.”

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