Brooks Kubena previews the SEC Championship

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The Advocate’s Brook’s Kubena joins James Moran in the first hour to preview LSU-Georgia in the SEC Championship. Kubena and Moran update the health status of the Tigers heading into Saturday.

Tiger fans are hoping that LSU’s defense has turned a corner after two dominant performances in a row. One new wrinkle is freshman safety Mo Hampton getting more time on the field.

“Bringing in Hampton is another guy who can play in the box,” Kubena said. “It allows them to be more multiple with those guys on the field.”

A lot of talk is about the playoff rankings, and the committee having LSU at No. 2. Is this something that bothers the team?

“They always put that in the backside. They try not to talk about it,” Kubena said. “I do think they feel slighted by it.”

The matchup everyone is looking at is how does Georgia’s defense slow down LSU’s offense. Kubena explains how he thinks it can be done.

“They have to approach this in the same sense that Auburn did. Come up with something that can trip up this offense,” Kubena said. “I think Georgia’s defense is good enough to do that. The key is making sure LSU’s offense is confused.”

Is it possible that Burrow could be distracted by trying to wrap up the Heisman? Kubena says no.

“I think he like everybody else knows that it’s won,” Kubena said. “Not only that he knows if he continues to play well it will take care of itself.”

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