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Bruce Feldman of The Athletic and Fox Sports joins the show! The MAC has announced that players will no longer stay in hotels the night before games and the travel roster’s numbers have been cut as well to help cut costs. Bruce talks about how big of change that is and what these schools and teams are having to deal with thanks to COVID19. Bruce talks about how so much is still unknown and how it’s not just gonna affect the programs financially, but also the business side around it. More and more schools are having to cut athletic teams. Gordy points out that while some of the bigger schools that have fundraising capabilities will be able to get through it, but the smaller schools that depend on paychecks to play the bigger schools might not be OK if they can’t come and play. So with programs getting cut, what happens to these student-athletes that are on scholarship? What do other coaches outside of the SEC think about the SEC trying to return to campus on June 1st? And more!