Bruce Feldman Calls Tigers ‘Hottest Thing in Football’

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Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with Dave Aranda’s talks with UNLV.

“At the end of the day,” Feldman said, “I’m told he is not going to be the head coach.”

The current openings may not be as appealing to Aranda due to their pay, Feldman said.

“The money LSU is paying him right now,” Feldman said, “he would take a massive pay cut… at one of these jobs.”

Feldman said that Aranda has the ability to play the field when looking at different head coaching opportunities.

“I think Dave Aranda can be choosy,” Feldman said, “because he’s on a program that’s the hottest thing in football at this point.”

In terms of Aranda staying at LSU, Feldman said there is a good chance.

“I would think (he stays),” Feldman said. “I don’t think Dave would just take a job to take a job. (But,) these things are so fluid.”

Lane Kiffin’s hiring has made a big splash in the SEC, Feldman said.

“It’s good for us in the media, because he makes it more interesting,” Feldman said. “He will stir (the SEC) up. I’m curious to see what happens here… it’s going to be interesting. If I’m an Ole Miss fan, I’m very interested to see what he can do with this job.”

Frank Wilson is on the move, and Feldman said there were multiple places he could end up.

“I would have thought it would have been one of three places,” Feldman said. “LSU would find a place for him… Nick Saban would love to make a splashy hire… or there’s the possibility of him taking an NFL job. If I was Lane Kiffin, I would try and hire Frank Wilson.”

Missouri’s new hire was a success, Feldman said.

“Drinkwitz, I think… did really well in his first year (at Appalachian State),” Feldman said. “(Others) are really high on him. I think that’s probably as good a hire as Missouri could make.”

In terms of Arkansas’ new hire, Feldman said there are important questions to be asked.

“Can he get players to play hard? How will he treat them?” Feldman said. “How ready can you get them on Saturday? The x’s and o’s are great, but… it’s that piece of it (that matters).”

Joe Brady’s future at LSU seems secure, Feldman said.

“I think they are going to keep him,” Feldman said. “LSU can pay a lot of money. LSU Football is the hottest thing in football right now. I think there’s an opportunity there. I think, at this point, you’ve got this great group of receivers, you’ve got a lot of recruits who want to come play… he’s going to continue to develop in Baton Rouge.”

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