Chad Durbin is not worried about LSU baseball’s hitting

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Chad Durbin joined Jordy Culotta talked about LSU baseball’s sketchy offense, so far.

“I still like the approach,” Durbin said. “I think the offense is going to be great, the arms are going to lead this team to where they end up going.”

Durbin explained what you’re looking for when you’re looking for a “good” offensive approach.

“I’m looking at the timing, when they put their foot down, barrell awareness,” Durbin said. “I feel like we have guys that are going to put it together over the next few weeks.”

What are some of the things that jump out to Durbin from the first year players?

“I think these guys have faced these arms for the last couple of years of high school ball,” Durbin said. “Maybe they’re trying to do too much.”

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