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The Voice of the Tigers, Chris Blair, joins the show! He finally had a chance to call his first baseball game of this season on Sunday and gives his thoughts on the action he saw. Chris also talks about how there is still some shuffling around with the lineup and what changes he thinks might happen. They talk the pitching staff and who they’ve been impressed with so far this season. Moving to the hardwood, Will Wade has been vocal about the scheduling recently and Chris talks about what traveling with the team is actually like. These atheletes still have to do school work around their games and it’s not always easy. But Chris points out the fact that while everyone deals with these, it’s also because of the SEC Network and the revenue made from these games. So is it always about a student’s best interest or about making money? They then take a look at the upcoming matchup against Florida. There’s no love lost between these two teams, so what does the game look like? They talk about the impact of Charles Manning Jr. and more!