Chris Fowler previews the National Championship Game

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Chris Fowler will be on the call for ESPN on Monday Night when LSU takes on Clemson. Fowler joins Matt and Ryan to preview the game. What is the difference between Clemson’s defense this year as opposed to last year?

“Fewer elite players if you look at four or five star talent,” Fowler said. “I think they make up for it with excellent secondary play. Offensively I think they are better. Ross and Lawrence are a year older.”

What impresses Fowler most about Joe Burrow?

“What doesn’t impress you about him? I had a ringside seat to see him win the Heisman,” Fowler said. “It was my 26th year hosting the event and that one will always rank near the top.”

What is something that struck Fowler about Burrow in the time he has spent with him off camera?

“There’s two different sides to him. He’s all ball off the field. Walks around with a hoodie on real quiet,” Fowler said. “Once he steps on the field you get the red ass side of him, the competitor, the cut your throat. He does it so cold blooded, with no expression on his face.”

Fowler talks what type of game he is expecting on Monday.

“Ball moving all over the place. Who can make the explosive plays,” “Can LSU convert in the redzone. You aren’t going to stop LSU’s offense, but can you hold them to field goals.”

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