Chris Lee previews the LSU matchup for Vanderbilt

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Chris Lee of joins Matt to preview the LSU-Vanderbilt matchup. The city of Nashville is expecting a huge turnout of LSU fans ahead of this game. This is something Lee says is the norm.

“I would imagine, that seems to be the case every week here,” Lee said. “They get outdrawn in their own stadium about 80% of the time now.”

Vanderbilt has dealt with it’s fair share of injuries to start the year. How have they affected the Commodores through the first three games?

“Well I don’t know if any of those are season changing,” Lee said. “What I do think has changed somethings for them is a couple injuries on the offensive line.”

Lee points to the absence of Devin Cochran as the most significant.

The Commodores are off to a disappointing 1-2 start to 2019. What is one thing about the team that is surprising to Lee thusfar?

“I’m surprised that offensively they have not been better,” Lee said. “I thought they would be able to use their playmakers.”

Vanderbilt is coming off a bye week ahead of LSU. Does this help the ‘Dores in any way?

“I don’t know. I think they would’ve been better off to get the LSU game out of the way, and then have a bye before Northern Illinios,” Lee said. “What I call the fair fight portion of the schedule is ahead of them after Saturday.”

LSU is a 24-point favorite on Saturday. If Vanderbilt is to pull the upset, how is it done?

“If Vanderbilt is going to win the game it’s going to have to be in turnovers and down and distance,” Lee said.

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