Coach Ed Orgeron on the current coaching search

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LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about his post-season and hitting the recruiting trail.

“It was a great time for us, a great trip for our team to the White House,” Orgeron said. “But I’m in the parking lot for one of the top recruits in the state right now.”

Now that they’ve tasted success, what’s the next step? It’s maintaining the culture.

“It’s Myles Brennan time, he’s going to need to step up,” Orgeron said. “There’s a lot of people who want to come to LSU, recruiting is going great.”

The coaching grind never ends, not only is Orgeron recruiting players but he’s also recruiting coaches.

“We have a big selection of defensive coordinators and passing game coordinators,” Orgeron said. “My aim is to get better in choosing coaches, it’s going to be a process and I’m looking forward to it.”

Coach Corey Raymond agreed to a 3-year extension. What does he mean to the LSU football program?

“He’s a good man, great recruiter,” Orgeron said. “I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done.”

Orgeron talks about how he scounts coaches strenuously, specifically when it comes to character. He thinks this team has “made character cool again.”

“We’re going to bring high character men,” Orgeron said.

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