Coach Ed Orgeron previews Spring LSU football

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LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron joined Jordy and T-Bob to discuss the start of Spring football and his first pitch.

“I kind of bounced it right before the plate…but I loved it,” Orgeron said. “I liked talking to the team, they had some fire in their eyes.”

The comaraderie between all the LSU coaches seems to be important.

“One team, one heartbeat,” Orgeron said. “Scott Woodward has been phenomenal since day one.”

LSU Football hit the ground running yesterday with the “Fourth Quarter” program. What did they focus on first?

“The foundation, the fundamentals, taking commands under presure…under duress,” Orgeron said.

After experiencing an exciting and successful season, how will Orgeron keep his team locked in?

“We lost a lot of players,” Orgeron said. “You’d expect a little complacency with that, this is a new group…so they’re hungry to prove themselves.”

LSU Spring practice begins in March 7 and they have a plan in place to have a massive season.

“Establish the LSU standard of performance at practice.” Orgeron said. “I do believe we can better on defense…I do believe we can be better on special teams.”

Finally, he discussed the upcoming Pro Day and NFL Draft.

“Those guys are going to handle themselves well,” Orgeron said.

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