Coach Ed Orgeron thinks this is the best secondary he’s been around

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LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron told us how confident of a coach he is jumping on a plane to SEC Media Days with athletes Joe Burrow, Grant Delpit, and Lloyd Cushenberry. Furthermore, he broke down how he landed on these three guys specifically.

“He was our most consistent linemen, a leader up front, he’s going to be a leader on offense,” Orgeron said on the decision to bring Cushenberry.

Also, Orgeron discussed the importance of leadership by his QB Joe Burrow in the development of his team.

“Joe’s got the insight. He’s a leader. Joe doesn’t say much, he’s always studying.”

What does Orgeron think of the addition of Scott Woodward as LSU’s Athletic Director?

“Scott has been phenomenal since day one,” Orgeron said. “He knows how to run a program and has been very supportive of me.”

This is Director of Strength and Conditioning Tommy Moffit’s season. Orgeron fully trusts his training program.

“He’s a head coach down there. Those guys are going to be in shape. They’re not going to be overtrained. They move weight and they get stronger.”

They discuss the emphasis on recruiting for the Tigers and how excited the program is about the class they have right now. They need to get better on the offensive line, but Orgeron is confident their guys are out there.

“This might be the best secondary I’ve been around,” Orgeron said.

Finally, where can his team improve?

“Both sides of the line of scrimmage.”

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